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We are a professional and experienced asbestos management company that keeps our clients protected, compliant, and safe. Asbestos containing materials (ACMs) pose a significant risk to health when disturbed, so if you believe that you have found some at your property or commercial site, contact the experts. We offer a broad range of services covering the entire asbestos management process. We complete a range of surveys tailored to the specifics of your site with sampling and testing included as standard, consult on major works, and complete removals. We are a highly regarded asbestos management company providing a bespoke service that ensures all manner of properties are safe and protected from ACMs.


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Asbestos surveys

We conduct thorough surveys of your property to check for asbestos following HSG 264. All of our findings are backed by laboratory tests and presented in a detailed report that also includes a full material assessment.

Asbestos consultancy

For larger sites, managing the presence of asbestos can be hazardous and stressful. We provide professional consultancy services to oversee the removal of ACMs and create asbestos management plans tailored to the needs of your site.

Asbestos removals

Wherever possible, we will protect the asbestos from disturbance, but carry out safe and professional removals when appropriate. Our team will carefully remove the ACMs using all of the proper personal protective equipment.

Asbestos sampling and testing

As part of our surveys we take samples of suspected ACMs and have them professionally tested in a UKAS accredited laboratory. This ensures that the results of our reports are accurate so you can make an informed choice about the next steps to take.

Demolition and refurbishment surveys

We offer two specialist asbestos surveys for sites having works carried out. For construction or renovation, a refurbishment survey is appropriate. For structures being completely razed, a more invasive demolition survey will be needed.

Garage roof removals

Garage roofs are a very common location of domestic asbestos that will need to be carefully handled. We are able to not only take off the roof, but also safely dismantle the entire structure if need be and responsibly dispose of it.

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ACMs are hazardous substances that release harmful fibres when damaged or disturbed. If inhaled, they can cause serious health problems including mesothelioma, asbestosis, and multiple types of cancer. Despite being prohibited in 1999, it can still be found in as many as 3.5 million buildings across the UK built prior to that point and was included in over 4,000 different products. If you suspect that you have found asbestos, it is always best to have a survey taken by a professional asbestos management company to verify it. From there, we will help advise on how best to proceed to ensure your property is safe from the risks posed by asbestos.


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