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Asbestos garage roof removal experts

If you are concerned about the materials on your garage, get in touch with the asbestos garage roof removal experts. We diligently remove all asbestos containing materials (ACMs) from your garage and safely dispose of them. This ensures that it is not disturbed or damaged, which may release harmful fibres around your property. Responsible asbestos garage roof removal is vital to ensuring any further works at your property can continue safely without risk to you or your family. For an average size garage, this only takes a day, so everything can get back to normal as soon as possible.


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We work to the highest standard, completing removals efficiently and safely over a broad geographical area. If you need your garage roof removed by responsible experts, contact our team today. You can call 07711 096089, send an email to, or leave a message through our enquiry form.


Safe asbestos garage roof

We undertake strict safety precautions and use all appropriate personal protective equipment to safely remove ACMs from your property. This includes a specialised spray that will dampen the roof and ensure that fibres cannot be released into the atmosphere. The roof will be carefully taken off the garage by our technicians, securely stored, and disposed of at an appropriate waste site. We are committed to operating to the highest safety standards to ensure that your home is protected from harmful ACMs and that any other works you have planned can begin immediately.

Comprehensive asbestos garage roof removal

Not content to simply remove your asbestos garage roof, we also complete a broad range of asbestos services to the same incredible standard. We always recommend that you have a survey conducted first to verify that the roof is indeed asbestos. With thorough sampling and testing we can check if you require our services, and you may save money and hassle if your garage roof turns out to be made from conventional materials. If we find asbestos in additional parts of the garage, such as the walls or insulation, we can remove these from your property as well. Everything will be conscientiously demolished and removed from your property to the same standard of safety as the roof.

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