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Professional asbestos consulting company

Managing or removing asbestos is a specialist process that requires an expert eye to complete safely. The larger in scale this task becomes, the greater the complexity, and the more important you have a trustworthy professional taking care of it. We take on large asbestos consulting works to ensure that any potentially harmful materials are surveyed, protected, or removed as appropriate. As part of this our experts can coordinate with your chosen removal company or arrange one for you. A member of our senior management team will be on-site overseeing the whole process, from the initial consultations to gather information about your site, to delivering the final report and completing any necessary re-inspections.


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Don’t leave something as serious as asbestos up to chance. Have one of our specialist consultants take care of the management, mitigation, and removal process from start to finish. To make an enquiry, call 07711 096089, send an email to, or leave a message through our contact form.


Tailored management services

If you have a large, complex, or highly-occupied site then managing its asbestos will be no easy task. Our asbestos consultants carefully establish the work required and how best they can help. This is an involved and on-going process that requires a professional eye. We take great care to learn the details of your site and provide a custom solution that protects occupants from ACMs while minimising disruption to normal day-to-day operations. The level of specificity we provide ensures the process proceeds smoothly and delivers you the exact results you need.


Asbestos risk mitigation

ACMs at your site pose a considerable health risk to the occupants should they be disturbed. As part of our asbestos consultancy we provide a risk mitigation service. Our surveyors carefully identify the level of risk presented by the ACMs at your site. From there they will take the appropriate measures to reduce this risk down to a safe level. We’ll tailor our solution to each area. In some cases removal may be the only option, but wherever possible we encapsulate the material or erect barriers. We can also inconspicuously alter the site to mitigate the risk of disturbing ACMs without impacting day-to-day operations or compromising other safety systems. We enforce strict standards of safety and ensure everyone working on the site is using the correct personal protective equipment. No matter what solution we complete, you can be certain it is being undertaken safely by dedicated professionals.

Commercial asbestos consultancy

We are an experienced team with years spent in the industry providing asbestos consultancy to a broad variety of sites. If you are operating a commercial or non-residential facility of any size, we will efficiently develop a customised plan to effectively manage any asbestos. This includes shops, offices, train stations, factories, and oil refineries. We have the experience and specificity of service to ensure your site is safe and operating as it should.


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