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A safe and responsible asbestos removal company

Safely removing asbestos and having it responsibly disposed of is essential to protecting the health of everyone at your site. We are a highly reputable asbestos removal company working across the South East to the highest standards of safety and quality. Your removal will be overseen by a member of our senior management team who will take great care to learn everything we need to complete the removal efficiently. By working so closely with you we can ensure that all of your site’s unique requirements are met and deliver a truly personalised service unique in the industry.


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If you have found asbestos and need it removed, be sure to engage the services of our trustworthy experts. Reach out and discuss your asbestos removal with our team by calling 07711 096089, sending an email to, or filling out our contact form.


Know when to call the asbestos removal experts

Asbestos containing materials (ACMs) are found in millions of products and buildings across the UK. If a survey has identified them at your property, you will need to have them professionally removed. Most commonly asbestos removal is appropriate when it has sustained damage, as this is what causes the harmful fibres to be released. If any material you suspect of containing asbestos has been damaged, for example by a water leak coming through an old Artex ceiling or from a cracked infill panel, then contact us immediately. To prevent further exposure, we can safely remove all of the material in sealed bags and responsibly dispose of it.


Be confident in our asbestos removal service

We will only remove asbestos if it is the right choice for the affected materials and for your site or property. Wherever possible we offer services to encapsulate or block access to ensure that it cannot be disturbed. This lowers your risk of exposure and reduces unnecessary disturbance to the asbestos. If you are unsure if a material in your home, commercial property, or industrial site contains asbestos or not, consider having a professional survey completed by our experts. If we do remove any ACMs, we can also engage a third-party contractor to test the air is free of fibres and safe so you can rest easy after the work is completed.

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