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Asbestos Management Surveys (2)

Tailored asbestos management surveys

Are you worried about asbestos? It is present in over 4,000 different products and as many as 3.5 million properties in the UK. To make sure that you are safe, protected, and legally compliant, arrange for an asbestos management survey as soon as possible. Every survey we undertake is tailored to the unique needs of your home, business, or industrial site and completed in accordance with survey guide HSG 264. This ensures that the results are accurate, trustworthy, and specific to you. Our experts gather detailed information about your site and work closely with you to provide a personalised service and identify any and all potential asbestos containing materials (ACMs).


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Our helpful team are available to answer any questions you may have about asbestos at your home, business, or site. If you’re concerned about asbestos then leave an enquiry with dedicated specialists. Just call 07711 096089, send an email to, or leave an enquiry through our contact form.


What is an asbestos management survey?

A management survey is a non-intrusive investigation of the fabric of the building. This means that no significant holes or breaches will be made to access what we are looking for. Typically, a management survey is most appropriate if you are concerned about the presence of asbestos, but don’t have any immediate plans to make major alterations to the property. Our surveyors will assess the property and safely take samples of anything we suspect may be asbestos using all proper personal protective equipment. These samples will be tested at a professional laboratory to determine if they contain asbestos or not. We will provide a full and comprehensive report of your entire site and our findings within five days of the survey taking place.


Find out if an asbestos management survey right for you

Get a free quote for your survey. Our asbestos management surveys are ideal for any site with potential ACMs that aren’t at immediate risk of being disturbed. If you are having any sort of building work undertaken on your site, a refurbishment or demolition survey may be suitable instead. Our team will discuss what is best for your site and tailor the survey to meet your needs. To contact them, call 07711 096089 or send an email to

The next step after your asbestos survey

Our report will include recommendations of how to proceed. If your property, and its ACMs, will be undisturbed in the near future then it is possible no action will need to be taken. Asbestos is often only dangerous when it is damaged or interfered with. If we determine that it is not damaged or likely to be disturbed then it can either be left or encapsulated to ensure that your site is safe. In the event the asbestos cannot remain at the property, we offer a safe removal service to ensure that it is efficiently taken away and responsibly disposed of at an appropriate facility.


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