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Asbestos Management Surveys Kent

Tailored asbestos
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If you are worried about asbestos in your residence, commercial establishment, or industrial facility in Kent, reach out to our experts for a professionally conducted asbestos survey. Given that over 3.5 million buildings in the UK have asbestos, it is crucial to be vigilant in safeguarding your property and its occupants from the potential hazards of asbestos. Whether you are in the industrial areas of Dartford and Gravesham or the historic regions of Canterbury and Maidstone, we conduct thorough asbestos surveys across Kent. Our dedicated surveyors meticulously understand the specifics of your site to provide a personalised service and deliver an exceptionally detailed final report. Choose our reliable experts for your asbestos survey, ensuring peace of mind with the assurance that your property is safe.


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To schedule your survey, simply reach out to our team of experts. We customise our surveys to meet the unique needs of each site, guaranteeing an accurate and comprehensive final report. For inquiries, call 07711 096089, send an email to, or send a message through our contact form.


What is an asbestos management survey?

Organising an asbestos survey for your Kent property is the first step you can take to ensure it does not have asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). This survey involves a non-intrusive examination of the building’s structure, causing minimal disruption to regular activities. Our surveyors, equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment, ensure the safe completion of the process. They meticulously inspect every aspect of the property, collect samples of suspected asbestos for testing, and generate a comprehensive written report. Within just 5 days of completing the survey, you will receive your report along with a full material assessment of the building.

Asbestos Management Surveys Kent

Arranging your asbestos survey in Kent

We operate throughout Kent, conducting surveys to confirm the safety of sites, premises, and properties for both living and working. Our team assesses your property to determine the most accurate and thorough survey method, providing you with confidence in knowing the materials present. For a free quote for your Kent asbestos call 07711 096089 or send an email to

The results from your Kent asbestos survey

Upon completion of the asbestos survey at your Kent property, you will receive a detailed report. This report includes the results of any testing conducted, information on any identified ACMs, and recommendations for your next steps. If the survey reveals the presence of asbestos that is not at risk of disturbance, it may be feasible to leave it undisturbed or take measures to protect it, ensuring the health and safety of everyone. In cases where asbestos cannot be safely contained, make use of our removal service for responsible disposal.

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