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Asbestos Management Surveys Surrey

Tailored asbestos
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If you have any concerns that asbestos could be present in your Surrey home or workplace, consult our experts to arrange a professional asbestos survey. With asbestos still found in an estimated 3.5 million UK buildings constructed before 2000, it is crucial to identify and manage these hazardous materials. Our highly experienced asbestos surveyors can inspect all types of properties across the city, from offices and retail units in neighbourhoods like Guildford and Haslemere. We take the time to fully understand the layout, construction and use of your property to deliver an exceptionally detailed, bespoke asbestos survey report. You can trust our reliable team to thoroughly inspect your premises and verify they are asbestos-free and safe for occupants.


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To arrange your asbestos survey in Surrey, contact our expert team. We tailor each inspection to the specific property’s layout and construction to deliver precise, comprehensive results. Get in touch by calling 07711 096089, emailing, or using our online contact form.


What is an asbestos management survey?

We perform non-intrusive asbestos surveys designed to identify if asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are present anywhere in your building’s structure. Using proper protective equipment, our surveyors will systematically inspect the entire property visually, including rarely accessed areas. We may take small samples of materials suspected of containing asbestos for laboratory analysis to conclusively identify the presence of asbestos. You will receive a clearly written, comprehensive report within five working days detailing all findings, including photographs, material analysis results, and recommended actions. If asbestos is identified, we provide guidance on safe options for encapsulation, removal or management to remain compliant with regulations. With the reassurance of a clean asbestos survey, you can ensure your property provides a safe environment.

Asbestos Management Surveys Surrey

Arranging your asbestos survey in Surrey

Our team carries out asbestos surveys across Surrey to give clients assurance their property is safe for occupants. We assess each building to determine the most accurate and effective survey method. To get a free quote for your Surrey asbestos survey, call 07711 096089 or send an email to

The results from your Surrey asbestos survey

Once we’ve completed the on-site asbestos inspection at your Surrey property, you’ll receive a comprehensive written report. This details any identified asbestos-containing materials, test results, locations, recommended actions and removal quotes if needed. If asbestos is present but poses low risk, we may recommend leaving it or encapsulating it. If it cannot be safely contained, we can arrange certified removal and disposal to protect your health. With the full survey findings, you can be confident your property is asbestos-compliant.

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